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Who are we?

We’ve been designing WordPress websites since 2012. With BTwebdesign, We help make the hard decisions easier for you by using our years of experience with various businesses and narrowing the options down to only the most effective. If you’re willing to be flexible then it’s a great deal!

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What do you get for your money?

SetUp Fee Inclusions ($150)

The design and layout of your website is based on industry specific demos we have found to be the effective and simple. We tailor the page, text and colour scheme to your brand. You will need to ensure you have a logo*, text and images you’d like to use on the site. We provide you a simple form and template of your site for you to upload your info. Once completed, your site is ready within 2-5 business days.

Facebook: We will ensure your site is linked to your facebook business/ads account* and utilising the pixel to track visitors.

Instagram: Linking your site to instagram will allow you to upload images onto your site. This means your site is constantly being updated with new content and this affects you results with search engines. 

Google Analytics: We will integrate your site with Google Analytics so you can track traffic from Google searches.

The included On-Page SEO means your website will be optimised for Search Engines for your customers to find your site when they are searching for similar services, businesses or products. Tagging your media and using meta-tags will allow search engines to find you quicker and can rank you higher on search engines like Google. 

Building a site also means setting up the domain(, email accounts and hosting. We will set up/create all accounts to allow your site to be published to the internet. You will need to have your own domain but if you don’t we will help you set that up. We will ensure your DNS settings are pointing to the correct emails and domain registry. Please note migration of hosted email accounts. ie: is NOT included. We can complete this work however it can be time consuming so we don’t include it in the SetUp.  We recommend and set up managed email accounts on GSuite. 

Monthly Fee Inclusions ($45)

Your site will be hosted on premium, uncrowded local Australian servers increasing the speed of the response to the search engine from your customers. This will rank your site higher than other sites hosted on crowded and slow servers. Included in your hosting package is 24/7 monitoring, nightly back ups of your site & disaster recovery. We guarantee your site will have an uptime of 99.9%.

Whether you need to change sections, add new images or update your services; you are able to access our expert for 2hrs/month* to carry out maintenance as part of your monthly fees. You can contact our support team via phone or email. We pride ourselves on providing the quality service to ensure you are supported.

Your monthly reports will provide data on site visitors and traffic to allow you to understand your digital performance, areas of improvement and how to generate more business. 

We will maintain updates on your site to ensure plugins, site structure and third party applications are running the most up to date versions.  This will mean site performance and responsiveness is optimised and will have a longer lifespan.


The design and layout of your website is based on industry specific demos. We tailor the page, text and colour scheme to your brand. We’ll add brand voice and images to create a complete website just for you. Your finished website includes all the fancy stuff without the headaches and it will be 100% professional, and tailored to your target market.


Catering (coming soon)


Hi! I’m Sia and welcome to black label hosting. In close partnership with BTwebdesign, we provide you premium Australian hosting, domain &  email setup services to ensure your transition is smooth and easy. Transition from one hosting provider can be tricky which is why we jump in and take of everything for you. And if you’ve never had a site before, we are happy to walk you through the process so you at least understand the steps taken to get your beautifully designed site live to the world.  We look forward to serving you.

Sia Shamsa

CEO, Black Label Hosting

Being a quiet, local italian restaurant it has been hard to generate new business. Most of our customers hear about us by word of mouth and have been loyal for years. We turned to the internet to build our delivery business and having a website has been crucial to that goal. We’ve increased not only deliveries, but subsequently dine-in bookings too. 

We are very glad to have our website made by BTwebdesign. It’s simple to use and requires “almost” no input/attention from me… giving me the time to focus on my day to day business.

Darryl Townsend

Owner, Annie's Restaurant Coogee

We absolutely love our site. We are a snow sport academy and knowing that the payments are monthly means our cash flow isn’t majorly affected. Maintenance and support is also included which is a huge bonus because we add news letters, and posts to our site. I contact my support team and they take care of the rest. 

Craig Hammond

Founder, AusSnowSportAcademy

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