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Now that you’ve chosen your preferred website layout you probably have questions about what’s included and the T&Cs. Order your website below. 



Put together a request via the form below and choose add-ons along the way to make your site unique. Then order your affordable WordPress website today. We offer the quickest (2-5 business day), cheapest way to get a professional small business website.


Plan your website

Home Page Landing: Your site already includes an efficient landing page which covers most of the points you and your customers will need to  interact.

What’s included in the SetUp fee?

  • Hosting setup
  • Domain/DNS services.
  • Email set up (Gsuite only)
  • Facebook pixel integration. If you have FB
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Instagram integration
  • SSL certificate
  • Web Dev & customisation.
  • Level 1 SEO (on page optimised) 

Whats included in the monthly fee?

  • Hosting is included monthly
  • 24/7 site monitoring
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Nightly backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • WordPress infrastructure updates.
  • 2hr of edits/changes per month (no rollover)
  • Monthly basic report of site performance (traffic, conversions etc)


  •  Extra pages $150 SetUp/page: If you’d like any further pages, (About Us, Services, Contact, etc), check the relevant boxes for EXTRA pages in the form below. (Don’t include the first page) Note: Our single page sites can efficiently accomplish most requirements. 
  • Level 2 SEO : We already optimise your website for search engines as part of your level 1 set up. For in-depth keyword research to identify the most profitable keywords for your industry, optimisation of up to 6 pages on your site, SEO plugin configuration, XML sitemap and Google Search Console setup.  Please choose this option in the form below.
  • Get more subscribers with a sign up form encouraging people to sign up to your mailing list or newsletter. This will be integrated with MailChimp, the leading mailing list service. Please choose this option in the form below.


Order my website

Ready to get started? Order your website by adding your details below. We’ll be in touch soon to finalise your requirements, discuss the project in more detail and answer any questions. 

Please read and understand the T&Cs below.

Terms and conditions

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  • Total Cost:
    $ 0.00
  • American Express
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
IS BTwebdesign RIGHT FOR ME?

We’ve designed BTwebdesigns for people who need a cheap professional WordPress website and are flexible about the exact design and layout. The quality of your website will be just as good as a bespoke web design service, but it’s much more affordable.

BTwebdesigns is right for you if:

  • You like the look of one of our demo sites and are willing to flexible.
  • You need a fairly simple website with one page of information.
  • You are not super tech savvy and would be more comfortable having your site managed & fully maintained by our WordPress experts.
  • You are willing to be flexible about the exact design and layout to avoid having to pay for a much more expensive web design service.
  • You need an information-based website without any specific functionality (other than what you can see on the demo).

Australian Based Servers

Our hosting platform, with the assistance of our partner Black Label Hosting, leverages Amazon Web Services virtualisation technologies, with data centers located all over the world. Our Australian servers being based in Sydney.

High Speed Performance

We optimise every aspect of our hosting service from the hardware, through the server configuration including caching services, into the performance tuning of our client sites and syndicated through CloudFlare CDN.

Search Engine Friendly

Our web servers have Google’s own Page Speed modules compiled directly into them. Between this, our super-fast hosting platform and correct optimisation of your website, you’ll tick all the boxes for ranking and converting well online.

Website Audit and Health Check

As part of your onboarding, we’ll check through the error logs and make sure your site is operating correctly and not generating errors that could be hurting performance or your customers’ user experience.


The price includes a single landing page. The initial setup includes adding your content and up to 2 hours of revisions and support (which is more than most people need).

The monthly cost applies for as long as you need the website (minimum 12 month tie-in). It covers your web hosting, software updates and maintenance.


BTwebdesign is a fully managed, hosted WordPress service. This allows us to design your website for such a cost-effective price. This means that you have less control over the design and will have to choose from a restricted choice of page layouts and features.

This is of benefit to you because we have skilfully designed our affordable websites to include all the main elements that most people want. However if you have a very specific ideas and aren’t prepared to compromise then it may not be suitable.


Your website can contain any or all of the sections and modules from your chosen demo site. We can remove any sections/functions you don’t need, and remove any modules from the page layouts shown on the demo. We will also adjust the main accent colours to suit your brand.

You can only have the layouts and features that are shown on the demo so that we can develop sites quickly without sacrificing on quality and still being able to keep the cost affordable for you. 


Only the sections,modules and functionality shown on your chosen demo site are included in the initial setup.

You can pay separately for additional pages and specific extra features – get an instant web design quote for a price. There is no limit to the number of pages that your website can have and we can work with you to create more complex navigation structures.

Please see the FAQ on ‘Can I install plugins?’ if you need any features that aren’t on the demo site or online quote.


Yes. If you already have a domain name then you can use it for the new website. If you don’t have one, you will need to purchase one and we’ll assist you in purchasing a domain name. We’ll work with you to choose a suitable domain name based on what is currently available. 

Please note ( domains need to be verified against your ABN and this can take up to 48hrs to verify.


Sorry but No. Hosting with BTwebdesign is included as part of the package and is a hosted WordPress Service. Your website will be hosted our partner Black label Hosting managed by us on our super-fast premium Australian servers from the world’s biggest WordPress host. This means that your website will load significantly faster than almost all other hosts. We will also remind you of domain expiry and continuously ensure your site is secure and free of Malware. 

As part of your on-boarding, Black Label Hosting will check through the error logs and make sure your site is operating correctly and not generating errors that could be hurting performance or your customers’ user experience. 


Once you decide to go ahead, you will need to provide us with the text and images for each page of your website. We will send you an easy to fill template and webform with all your details. In some cases you will want to use your own photos, please ensure you follow the instructions in the form. We will build your complete website using one of the pre-designed WordPress themes shown in the demos.

Our Australian WordPress experts will create a unique website for you, based on the demo site for your theme. When you’re happy with everything, we will work with you to launch your website.

The finished WordPress website will be ultra-professional and designed to sell your products or services (or whatever else you want to achieve from the website!).


You won’t have direct access to make updates to your site yourself but we will be available to do it on your behalf as part of the monthly package.  Having controlled management of your website changes helps prevent accidental changes being made and saves time in the long run, allowing you more time to manage other more important business priorities.  Leave it to the experts, we’ve got your back!


Your BTwebdesign website will be built to be SEO friendly. We will be able to optimise SEO data such as title tags for your pages and posts. We’ll set up Google Analytics so that you can access data about how people are using your website, which you can use to improve your conversion rates.

To further boost your search engine position, we offer one-off  SEO service to optimise your website and build your wider online presence.  Select relevant option from Add-ins in form.


We will provide you our list of pre-approved plugins relating to SEO, image optimisation, contact form, newsletter signup, performance, anti-spam etc. you will not be able to install additional themes or plugin yourself, but we are happy to do it for you.

If you need any specific plugins or features that aren’t part of the BTwebdesign infrastructure, please ask us. If it will benefit our other clients then we may be able to add it to our system. If not, we will advise you of alternative ways to achieve what you need.


The IP is yours. And all copywriting and images belong to you. After the 12 months minimum term you will be able to continue with us at the same monthly rate OR leave and take your site to other hosting providers. The idea around BTwebdesign is to assist business owners get online without having to fork out a significant amount of money. So we want to make it easier for you by breaking up the cost over 12 months to allow more manageable costs to your business but still getting you into the online market.  After the first 12 months we will host and maintain your website for as long as you continue paying the monthly fee.

Since BtWebdesign is a hosted WordPress service, there will be a fee to cover our time if you ever wish to move to a different hosting company. Please see the section on cancellations, below.


here is a 12 month minimum contract, after which you can cancel at any time. Your website will then be taken offline, unless you wish to move it to a different host.

If you decide to move to a different web host after the 12-month minimum tie-in, then we will need to do some work to move your website to a standalone WordPress installation, outside of the BTwebdesign system. The cost for this is in the terms. We can then give you access to the files and database so that you can migrate it to your own host. 

If you decide to leave within your 12 month minimum term, that’s also fine. However you will need to pay out the remaining months of your 12 month contract this is to cover the cost of building and hosting the site… eg: If you leave after 8months, you will need to pay out 4 months before we give you the access to files. 

Should your business cease trading we will discuss with you at the time and accomodate within reason. 


During your website build, we will provide up to 2 hours of free support during the process of building your new website. Any further support once the website is live will be billed separately.

As part of your monthly fees, you will have access to our wordpress experts for 2 hours. You can request minor edits, updates, trouble shooting and changes. Changing seasonal menus for cafes, adding banners for monthly promos, editing colour and small structural work is all part of the support. Major works like adding pages and shopping carts or other significant projects are NOT part of the agreement.

If you need considerable work the following applies:

Our standard rate for one-off support is AUD$100 + GST per hour (minimum billable period of half an hour). We will always tell you in advance if any support you request will be chargeable. We will remain reasonable and do our best to assist you, we kindly ask that you do your best to also respect boundaries. We want to work with you to achieve the best outcome for your business, your cooperation will always be appreciated.   We are all here to succeed!

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